Manteo – Part “I must learn to edit”

May 28, 2009

We were supposed to be watching the blessing of the fleet ceremony.



But it rained.



The plane still made it out, to drop the wreath.



These boys were not concerned.















Liz and Ted came down for the day from Norfolk. These are her awesome shoes.



And this is Ted.



Captain Rob


















A rival ship.






Interesting advertising.



Rob has a parrot!



We got to play with sparklers. I may have finished most of a bottle of Boone’s Farm by this point.



I was trying to take pictures WHILE my sparkler was going. Probably not a great idea.



Jesi’s fell apart.






Now, the epic tale of how we got home doesn’t have pictures. It was a little hectic. US Airways called us in the morning to tell us that our flight would be delayed by about 70 minutes, which would cause us to miss our connecting flight. We called, and not only did they have no other flights out to Pittsburgh, nobody did. We ended up booking a Delta flight out of Raleigh.

Raleigh is a three hour drive from Manteo. Luckily, we have another friend Jess who happens to live there. So Jesi drove us halfway out, and Jess drove us the rest. Unfortunately, I left my wallet in the first Jesi’s car. By the time anyone realized this, there was no way I could get the wallet and make the flight.

So I told them I lost my wallet. No, I didn’t have any ID. No, I didn’t have anything with my name on it. Sure, I’ll go through extra security.

I had to do the “this is your life” quiz for the TSA agent, plus do the extra security measures they have for “selectees”. Halfway through the quiz, I realized that we were cutting it pretty short, and told Brandi to go ahead and get on the plane. I’d make it if I could. I finished up about one minute to boarding, and of course our gate was a dozen or so gates away. So I ran, in my flip flops, on the people mover. As I was rounding the corner, they were announcing final boarding. I was the last one on the plane, and it could not have been more dramatic. Then we had a delay, and sat on the tarmac for 20 minutes.

This flight went through Atlanta (what?) to Pittsburgh, and thankfully, the remainder of it was uneventful.

Jesi mailed my wallet to me, so my ID and I are reunited.

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  1. […] airways” “didn’t have any id” I’m sure this referring to my escape from North Carolina. See, I am not the only one this kind of thing happens […]

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