$15 Camera Bag

June 24, 2009

So I’ve been looking for a camera bag to shoot with. Not the huge, carry-all,get it to the event bag (I have that one covered). I’m looking for its little brother. The small, efficient, I can climb over a guard rail with it if I have to bag. While I mostly just need something that’ll hold my lenses and such while I’m shooting, I’d like something that will also hold the camera body, for family trips and such when I don’t constantly have my camera out. I put it away sometimes, okay? I couldn’t find many bags that I really liked for this, and most of them are way too pricey for me. So I went all DIY on it, and decided to share.

The materials:

Cardboard box – for the inserts



$15 bread bag from the Army-Navy Surplus store in Cal. This is the only thing I didn’t already have laying around the house.



Extremely old t-shirt from Cal’s Gifted Camp in 7th grade. Don’t judge me.



Fiber fill. If I could get my hands on some kind of dense foam, that would probably keep the whole thing a little bit more aerodynamic, but this works fairly well.



So what to do with all of this? Well, first I measured out the cardboard for each of the inserts. I ended up making one large one to pad the bottom, and then four smaller ones to pad the already sewn-in compartment. Then I had to measure out t-shirt material to cover each of them, and sew those up on three sides.







Why three sides? I had to stuff them with the fiber fill, then sew up the remaining side. Then I put that into the bottom of the bag, and it looks something like this:




Having a bottom that keeps the bag from collapsing in on itself, and being padded for when I set it down, was already an improvement. The compartment on the left is the perfect size for a lens, so next I made the little inserts for that.

I had to leave space on either side, so that I’d be able to sew them together later.



Then I ran out of thread on my bobbin, and spent 15 minutes trying desperately to remember how to put it back into the machine. You could probably skip that part.



I sewed each little divider to the other.



Except for the last side. I couldn’t figure out how to get them turned to sew that one, so it ended up looking like this.



And this is the final product. It’ll hold my camera body with lens attached, plus two other lenses and my memory cards.


2 Responses to “$15 Camera Bag”

  1. Tracy said

    so crafty!! 🙂

  2. ellie rice said

    I am so proud of my little sew-er now how bout you finish the quilt you started LOL

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