Pittsburgh Haunted Houses

September 25, 2009

Yes, I know that it’s September. Some of you apparently thought I was kidding about my deep set love of haunted houses (and spreadsheets!). I was not. Every year, around mid-September, I start compiling the Haunted House Spreadsheet. Lori and I then go about hitting up as many as humanly possible. You can see it here, in all it’s anal retentive glory.

This weekend, we’re hoping to hit up The Scarehouse, in Etna. I’ve never been there, but it opens super early in the year, and gets bonus points for that. We’re also looking at…

Hundred Acres Manor, in South Park. We’ve been to this one twice, and it’s usually pretty good. We did get stuck in the maze for a solid half hour, then try to sneak out the emergency exit. We were caught, and had to return to the maze. As I remember, one of the boys put me up on his shoulders to try and determine which way was out. Lori and I have some kind of genetic defect that kills any natural sense of direction, so it’s not entirely the Manor’s fault.

Rich’s Fright Farm, in Smithfield. Always a favorite, although last year’s was especially good. John used to play shows here for Halloween, back when he was in a band. The downside to this place is that it’s popular – we were actually in line long enough to watch all of Kill Bill.

Demon House, in Charleroi. We’ve been to this one twice, but apparently forgot the first time. We were all geared up to go to a new place, but once we got there, it looked awfully familiar…

Castle Blood, in Washington. As close as this one is, and as long as we’ve been doing this, I have no idea how we haven’t been here yet.

Haunted Hills Estate, in Uniontown. This place is so much fun. We haven’t been there since they added the new attractions, it was originally just the Challenge Trail. You went as a team, and had to solve various puzzles/physical challenges to advance.

Phantom Fright Nights, at Kennywood. This is really just an excuse to go to Kennywood.

The Haunted Mine, in Tarentum. This is a new one as well, interested to see if it’s worth the drive or not.

So has anyone been to any of these? Have others to try? Let me know!

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