Lola, Foxy, & Taco: Pittsburgh Dog Photographer

October 8, 2009

As I said, I had a photo session on Sunday. So while John was off hugging the Stanley Cup, I got to hang out with these guys:

This is Lola, Taco (or Big Boy, depending on who’s asking), and Foxy.


Carolyn’s daughter-in-law-to-be (wow, that’s a lot of hyphens) called me about setting up a pet portrait session as a birthday gift.


Once they figured out that I had treats, we were pretty much BFFs.




I even got coveted nose kisses from this little guy (apparently, he doesn’t just give those out to anybody.)




Honestly, how cute are they?




And talented!





Hope you had a very happy birthday Carolyn!

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4 Responses to “Lola, Foxy, & Taco: Pittsburgh Dog Photographer”

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  2. Brandi said

    Oh my goodness, how cute are these pups? It would be hard not to smuggle them home! You really got their personalities!

  3. Dalene said

    The photos turned out amazing! Thank you so much for capturing their unique personalities and adorable little faces!

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