The Claytastrophe

December 17, 2009

Nikon sponsored a 140-second film festival – Your Day Through The Lens. Originally, we had this whole thing planned out, there was a script, it was going to be pretty great. Some things came up, and we weren’t able to go ahead with the original plan. Enter plan B! I picked up some Play-Doh, got a local band to green-light me using one of their tunes, and shot the clay band reunion tour.

140 seconds isn’t even close to the shortest film I’ve done. The original clay band was a project for one of my classes in college, and was a little 30-second piece (I used AFI’s 30-second song from the Short Music for Short People CD). I also did a 30-second piece on thermodynamics, a 45-second one while at Chatham, and a 15-second stop motion that made it as a finalist in American Express/Tribeca Film Festival’s competition.

You can check out the finished project (and give it some comment love!) here. And you can check out The Catastrophe here. I’ve heard this song about 85,000 times now and still like it, so they’re worth a listen. Many thanks to Dane and the boys for letting me use it!

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