February 2, 2010

Last time I was doing portraits in town, I snapped a few shots. I guess if Brownsville HAD a downtown, this would be it.


Zack Arias does what he calls GOYA shoots (for Get Off Your Ass). This blog tends to get a little random during the off season, because when I’m not shooting weddings, I’m still always shooting something. And when I get to shoot whatever I want, you just never know what I’ll end up with. Some of these coming up will be shots that just never made it to the blog, some will be new. I’ve got some travel coming up soon, so we’ll see how fast I can get it edited and posted.

If you’re looking for weddings, there is the “wedding” tag and galleries to check out. There will be more starting in April or so. In the meantime, more to come…


One Response to “Brownsville”

  1. GOYA? LOVE IT!!! I call it roots photography. Every pro started off with a hand-me-down camera taking pictures of their feet, vacant buildings, cool forms and compositions. It was the spark that started it all and we do need to return to that mode if only to remind us of why we fell in love with photography in the first place.

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