Florida: The Beach

February 23, 2010

If you’ve been following the blog here, and of course you have, you’ve heard about the Great Beach Adventure(tm). My folks, John, my brother and Amanda, Abby, and me all piled into a van and drove off to Sarasota, Florida. Why Sarasota? We have awesome family there, my cousins Lynn and Zelmo, who we haven’t seen in somewhere around 10 years. As a bonus, there’s not three feet of snow there.

The power finally got restored about two days before we were supposed to leave, so it was a little hectic. We left sometime around 5:00 on Friday night, and got to Florida around midnight on Saturday, so we made pretty good time. I think they took a bit longer than that coming home (John and I couldn’t stay quite as long, and had to hop a flight out). These are a little out of order, so that I could break them up easier.

Dad’s new toy. He told me he had a box with an Australian lady in it that told him where to go.



Completely appropriate beach attire. They may not have had snow, but it wasn’t exactly toasty out.



Abby and Pops







Later, there was a big ol’ hippie drum circle. Apparently, they do this every Sunday night at sunset.











Looks like trouble.





More to come on these. The NYC workshop was this past weekend, so if any of you fellow workshoppers found me, I’m on the Facebook and Twitter as well. Come say hi.

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