ABC No Rio | NYC

March 1, 2010

We landed back in Pittsburgh, and three days later I was back on a plane. This time, headed up to NYC for David Bergman’s “Rock n Roll Portrait Lighting Workshop”. I’ve been looking for a really good lighting workshop, and figured New York wasn’t too far to go for it.

I started off on the tiniest airplane I’ve ever been on – only 3 seats across – which landed in exciting Newark. A tram, a train, and a few blocks walk later, I was at my hotel. Where I didn’t have a reservation, because the site I had used to book it had me down for January. It’s times like this I’m super glad that I travel light. Eventually I found a Doubletree where they did have a room, AND they gave me a chocolate chip cookie when I checked in, so kudos to them.

I was super excited to head up to the ABC No Rio, as they had an open darkroom, and I had some film to develop. Unfortunately, the volunteer that runs it had already left. Luckily, the have a hardcore/punk matinee every Saturday. Give me an hour in a new town, and I always find the punk kids.








What, exactly, does the cinder block do?



My more observant readers may have noticed that there’s a different watermark on these photos. This blog started out as a 365 project, then it was an addition to my wedding photography site, and now it’s my main page. The business has grown, so I’ve had to adapt my web spaces to keep up. Some time ago, I set up a separate web space for my music photography, and now it has it’s own blog!.

Most brides aren’t all that interested in my work with bands, and vice versa, so I’m splitting them into their own blogs. All the old stuff will still be in the archives here, but any new work will be on the new Studio C blog.


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