Happy Birthday!

March 26, 2010

To me! I’m 27 today. And because my parents know me oh-so-well, they got me this nifty Garmin GPS.


Here’s the thing… I’m directionally challenged. If I have good directions, I’m okay, but I have no natural sense of direction whatsoever. I’m usually at least half an hour early for all of the weddings I shoot (well, 45 counting the 15 minutes I actually intended to be early), because I not only tack on extra time in case of traffic, I tack on extra time in case of lostness.

Since John’s home about as much as I am, this means I’m usually calling Dad to get directions. Usually from somewhere in Pittsburgh. We do this so often, we have a pretty good system going for it. So my folks got me a snazzy GPS, so that I won’t spend hours circling around Forbes ever again – I just had to promise I’d still call them, even when I’m not lost.

Speaking of weddings, I realize I haven’t had anything wedding related on the blog in awhile. My ‘wedding season’ doesn’t really start up until mid-April this year. In the meantime, if you’re looking for wedding and engagement photos, check the Galleries link.


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