Abby’s 4th Birthday Balloon Extravaganza

March 8, 2011

I’m a bad aunt, and a bad blogger. There, I said it. I tend to kind of hibernate in the winter – being cold isn’t especially motivating me to do anything, and everything gets done a bit slower. Maybe this is why I shoot weddings and not, say, downhill skiing.

My niece turned four about two weeks ago, and requested a surprise party. I’m fairly sure that makes it not an actual surprise, but she’s four, so we went with it. “There will be balloons, and cake, and presents, and you’ll all jump out and yell surprise!” You got it, kid.

We, of course, had princess cupcakes.



She wanted as many balloons as possible.



Pops took her outside to release a few balloons back into the wild. Three seconds after that photo was taken, “Okay, I want it back now.” Followed by a lesson on helium, and gravity, and something about life not being fair.



Uncle John helping with the poppers. They’re so cute.



Happy Birthday!


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