December 28, 2011

If you’ve worked with me before, or have contacted me about working with me before, you may have already gotten this in your email. For the rest of you, we’re doing a newsletter.

There will be updates on what the business is up to, a heads up on any special offers we’re running, even some photo tips. You know, the usual fun stuff.

Now, some folks are particular about how they get their information. I’ve never been into RSS feeds, and would rather, say, follow someone’s Twitter to see when they update things. If you’re interested in keeping up on things, but really don’t want any more email in your life…

You can sign up for an RSS of the blog (actually, you can also subscribe to it via email, if that’s your thing.)
If you want photos and news delivered to your Facebook, you can Like the page on Facebook.
If you’re into Twitter, and a higher level of off-topic chatter, you can follow me at on Twitter.

So there you have it. For updates and special offers, you can sign up right here.


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