January 22, 2012

I announced this to our newsletter subscribers already, so that they got first dibs on sessions. But now I get to announce it to the rest of you – I’m offering mini-sessions!

I already do regular portrait sessions, which you can learn all about here. These generally take an hour or two, especially if we’re having a good time, and you get lots of fun photos of your family, or nice professional headshots for your business. You get the DVD of digital files, the online gallery, the whole shebang.

But maybe you don’t need the whole shebang.

Maybe you just want to have a nice portrait that you can use for your business site, or as your Facebook/Twitter/everything profile picture. (If you need convincing that this is a good thing to have, I can go all marketing department on you about the importance of having a great portrait to represent yourself out there on the internet.) This is exactly what mini-sessions are for. You get an edited portrait, that you can use wherever you like, and they’re totally affordable. Yep, I’m giving you guys no excuse to have a poorly lit iPhone self-take on your about page.

The fine print: Travel fees may apply for distances greater than 30 miles from me (which means Pittsburgh folks are generally in the clear, but it may be a few dollars extra for my Morgantown friends). Also, as a note to small businesses and people in bands, these aren’t group shots. If you’re looking for something similar (we just need one group shot, or one portrait to use as a promo), get in touch at and we’ll work something out.

Find out more on the pricing page, under “But I just need one photo”, or get in touch if you’re ready to book. Also, if you want to get first dibs on future deals, you can sign up for the monthly newsletter.


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