Why should I book a portrait session?

March 27, 2012

There are certain built-in milestones where people will generally have a photo taken – senior photos in high school, their wedding, maybe an anniversary. Beyond that, most people’s experience is with taking a few candids with their friends. But if you’re in any sort of business, you may want to consider getting yourself A Real Portrait. So why would you want to book a portrait session? Well…


You don’t have one.

Let’s just start with this one, because a lot of small business owners fall into this category. You’ve set up your website, your Facebook page, and whatever other online presence is necessary for your particular niche. And then proceeded to make your profile photo your logo. Or a shot of your product, or your dog, or really anything other than you. But people are geared toward doing most of their business online, and they want to see who they’re dealing with.

Think about how you interact with people, and what makes you trust someone enough to buy their product. There’s a good reason why a lot of people are a bit creeped out by Craigslist, you usually have no idea at all who you’re dealing with (also, that whole Craigslist Killer thing, so you can go ahead and add “don’t be a murderer” to your marketing plan).


You have a portrait, kind of.

If you’re rocking an iPhone shot, or a photo a friend took of you on vacation, then you’re in a bit better shape. At least people can see what you look like. So why bother to upgrade to A Real Portrait? You should have an idea of what impression you want people to have of you when they visit your site. Check out your profile photo, and see if it’s doing the job. You can show a lot about who you are, and what you’re like, through your photo.

Also, when people see that you’ve taken the time to get a quality photo, they’re more likely to perceive you as A Serious Business. This isn’t limited to businesses, though. You can be A Serious Author, or Musician, or Fire Juggling Contortionist, and you want people to know that you’re the real deal.


You have a portrait, but it doesn’t look like you anymore.

One time, I was meeting a client at a Thrice show, because it was the only time our schedules lined up. I didn’t know what he looked like, because I hadn’t met him yet. He didn’t know what I looked like, because my profile photo was about 3 years old. For some people, that may not make a ton of difference. In my case, he was looking for short blonde hair and an eyebrow ring, when he should have been looking for long red hair and no eyebrow ring.

You don’t have to get your portraits redone every time your appearance changes a little. If I got new portraits every time I dyed my hair, I’d never get anything else done. But if you’ve had a drastic change (losing a lot of weight, getting full sleeves tattooed) or if it really has been awhile (say, you’re in your mid-30s and your photo is from college), it might be time to consider getting new ones. My guideline for this is to ask “does this photo still represent me?” If the answer is no, then get a new one.


They don’t have to be boring.

The basic point I’m going for with this is that your photos should represent you. Certainly, getting a studio-style headshot, with a nice background is an option, but it isn’t your only option. Maybe you’re an avid skateboarder, and your profile shot is of you doing a boardslide. I did some shots of a judo instructor showing off some of his moves at their local ring. David Hobby did a portrait of an opera singer in the shower. You have options, is what I’m saying here.


It’s actually kind of fun.

I happened to be joking with a couple about how getting your photo taken is just, you know, the worst. I realize that unless your career choice demands it (model, politician, member of Nickelback), most people don’t have that much experience with having portraits taken. And most of the experiences they do have aren’t exactly filed in the mental Rolodex under “fun.”

A portrait session doesn’t have to mean reliving grade school picture day (for example, I almost never pass out combs). I’ve had quite a few people say that they had a lot of fun hanging out and getting their picture taken. At worst, they’ve described it as quick and painless.

And don’t forget, folks, that I’ve been on your side of the lens.


If you’re ready to book your portrait session, get in touch at info@mooreclick.com


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