Vendor Profile: Cake Eaters Sweet Shoppe

April 2, 2012

I mentioned not long ago on Facebook that someone had found me via a search for the phrase “girl likes cake.” Which is appropriate, because this girl likes cake, and so does miss Jess Wagner of Cake Eaters Sweet Shoppe. I got to meet up with Jess at her place in Mount Lebanon, and talk about how she got started. While she’s only had the business going officially for a year, she’s been baking for a lot longer.


How did you get started?
I’ve been baking all of my life. Cake eaters was born out of wanting to do something creative.

What flavors do you offer? What type of cakes?
32 flavors and then some. I can pretty much do any type of flavor that the client can think of. Cupcakes, small cake toppers, or weddings.

Are your cakes customized, or do you have designs to choose from?
Everything is customized.

Can you do kosher, gluten-free, vegan, etc.?
Cake Eaters offers vegan, gourmet, and happy hour (boozy) cupcakes.

How does delivery work?
Delivery depends on location and is subject to a 15% fee. Depends on size, location, difficulty of set up, etc.

What events do you do, other than weddings?
Showers, private parties, banquets, or just a Friday night.

What’s your favorite cake that you’ve made?
Peach cobbler cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting with streusel topping.

You can find out more about Cake Eaters Sweet Shoppe on their Facebook page, or contact Jess at 724-944-0466. She’s based in Mount Lebanon, but always makes the effort to meet a client halfway so that they don’t have to drive too far. She’s a very cool lady, and makes amazing cupcakes. If you have an event coming up, definitely check her out.



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One Response to “Vendor Profile: Cake Eaters Sweet Shoppe”

  1. Zoe loved these cupcake pictures. and I quote:” Mom, we are going to have to find something like that here to try and tell everyone… OMG!” – The Princess of Posh

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