April 30, 2012

John and I end up in Cleveland, OH a lot. Usually for shows, but it’s at least a few trips a year. We’d always just round tripped it before, but figured this time, we’d make a weekend of it.

Our whole drive out looks approximately like this:


Our first destination was the Grog Shop, to see Protest the Hero (which is the second time we’ve driven to Cleveland to see them), along with The Safety Fire, Jeff Loomis, and Periphery. Protest’s show was entertaining as usual, they’re great musicians but are also just really funny dudes. Here’s me and John, looking excited about the totally bomb ass parking spot we found.


After the show, we pretty much just scrambled to find somewhere that was still open for food, and crashed at the hotel. We had all sorts of plans for the next day, but since we were pretty much winging it the entire weekend, ended up doing almost none of them. We did manage to make the whole thing an exercise in getting as much free shit as possible over the course of a weekend, and kicked that off with breakfast at Bob Evans (gift card #1). We found out that since it was induction day, admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was free (booyah!). We’d planned on hanging out there for a bit, and then moving on to some other attractions, but ended up spending something like 5 hours looking around in there.



Graffiti from the Grog Shop, John getting rained on while we waited in line, guitar signed by the dudes from Rancid, and the view from upstairs.


This band won the corporate rock contest, and it made up entirely of members of some accounting firm.




I literally squealed “Oh my God, horsies!” at this. I’m not proud of myself, guys.


We had planned to hit up the art museum after this, but our plan didn’t include actually looking up their hours, and they close at the same time as the Rock Hall. We instead waited for something like an hour to get into Outback (gift card #2), and realized over dinner that we were both crazy tired. Sadly, we completely punked out on going to the WMC Fest fundraiser show at the Happy Dog that evening, on account of general oldness. We stopped off at Starbucks (gift card #3) on the way out of Ohio to get properly caffeinated for the trip home.

Speaking of WMC Fest, it’s my next scheduled stop in Cleveland. If you’re into music, design, and/or art, you should definitely look into picking up tickets.

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