May 1, 2012

I’m on Instagram as caroline_moore.

1. John representing the Mountain Stars at the Ohio Cup.
2. Me with Bob from Flogging Molly, at the Nautica in OH.
3. My teeth, let me show you them.
4. The medicine cabinet is approaching grandma levels.
5. Leopard print.
6. So I made fun of Long Shaft Road, because I’m a 12 year old. Immediately after, I got an epic flat tire, in the middle of nowhere, while on assignment. Karma’s a jerk.
7. Waiting print.
8. It’s just not an Instagram feed without pictures of your coffee.
9. Dad working on his mad scientist look.
10. Pete!
11. Planning meetings require a lot of post-its.
12. These poor things have seen better days.


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