Music Monday: Title Fight

May 7, 2012

Note: To the awesome dudes/dudettes in the crowd who I promised photos to, those are up on the Facebook page as promised, so go tag ’em up.

No, these aren’t from last night’s show at Stage AE. There was a little mix up with the press pass, and sadly I missed Title Fight’s set. A Day To Remember’s and Rise Against’s photos will be up soonish. For now, here’s a few shots from the AP Tour last November, at the Altar Bar.




I was pretty focused on getting this shot, which means I was totally NOT focused on the 8 or so people that decided to crowd surf up to the front all at once. Since they didn’t have a barrier for this show (or actually, anything I’ve shot at Altar), I was in the pit with everyone else, and took a boot to the face. But hey, I got the shot.


They put on a great set, so I’m pretty bummed that I missed them this time around.


Want to make sure you don’t miss any shots from last night’s show? Go befriend me on Facebook.

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