January 5, 2013

January instagrams

So I accidentally named this file “jamuary,” and I’m going with it. Happy Jamuary, everyone.

1. Dyed the hair. Yes, again.
2. Got a photo published in a magazine, more on that one later.
3. Awesome holiday hangs.
4. Merry Cheatmas.
5. I festived up our house this year.
6. Nerf warfare! We lost a lot of good men that day. Well, we lost John. He’s okay.
7. Finally met the neighbors’ kid.
8. The Coughening returned.
9. Adding to my collection.
10. I was on ESPN for like, an eighth of a second.
11. I bought a GIGANTIC lens.
12. After six months, I finally got my PICC line out.

I’m on Instagram as caroline_moore.

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